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Address EU 2014 Regulations in 2012 with a holistic and early approach

EU Regulations will fundamentally alter market & competitive dynamics. Mobile operators in the European Union are faced with the challenge of conforming to regulations, while running profitable businesses that offer good subscriber experiences while roaming. The latest round of EU regulations that are on the verge of being formalized will fundamentally change the market for international roaming in the region. The market will see increased competitive activity with operators mandated to open up wholesale roaming tariffs for their country for other operators to offer to their subscribers. Subscribers can de-couple their contract with their home operator in order to choose the best roaming operator based on tariff. This, coupled with already existing price caps on voice, which are being extended to data, will test the operator’s business model adaptability. Depending on an operator’s market position – whether he is an established MNO or an up and coming MVNO, these regulations pose an urgent need to tweak the business model to get it right in terms of market and competitive strategy with one objective – to meet regulations profitably.

Roamware’s R-Policy solution helps operators meet regulations profitably. Firstly, mobile operators need to understand the implications of the regulation on the roaming business model of their company. Once that is done, they need to provide attractive offers to their outbound subscribers so that they continue to use their services when they roam in the region. They need to ensure that inbound subscribers choose their roaming services based on competitive roaming rates. They also need to ensure that they provide data and voice roaming services with price caps at healthy margins to sustain their business. R-Policy’s RIGHT framework not only allows the operators to comply with regulatory requirements, but also enables the operators to take advantage of new opportunities exposed by the regulations in order to optimize their revenues.

R-Policy provides a regulatory response framework that
 Identifies areas of change in operator business models based on regulatory policies
 Adapts the outbound strategy for an operator to keep subscribers loyal
 Evolves the inbound strategy for an operator to attract roamers who enter the country
 Enables MVNOs to offer competitive roaming rates to subscribers based on published in-country wholesale rates
 Implements an advanced subscriber communication system that provides an intelligent and interactive communication interface between the roamer and the operator

To know more about the RIGHT framework, please visit http://www.roamware.com/r_policy.php

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