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Home CEM MWC Diaries: Roamer Joe, Silent Switcher Sue & EU2014: A Sergio Odyssey

MWC Diaries: Roamer Joe, Silent Switcher Sue & EU2014: A Sergio Odyssey

Walking around the new venue of the Mobile World Congress, I did miss the familiar feeling of Mont Juic. It almost seemed like moving from one home to another, one era to the next. But then, old must give way to new. Fira Gran Via is impressive – massive layout, twice the size of the Mont Juic venue and seems to have easy entry and exit avenues. Remains to be seen how it handles the crowds, but looks good so far.

Personally, I am excited to meet with our vast customer base with a lot of meetings set up. I am excited about introducing to them our newest solutions in LTE Roaming, CEM, EU2014, Active Testing and MVNE among others, presented through the eyes of the ultimate benefactor – the subscriber.

Sue the Silent Switcher is more dangerous than a Silent Roamer, for she roams, but won’t even bother to complain to her operator before deciding to switch loyalties. Joe the Roamer is a globe trotter and needs to be managed before he travels, when he lands, while he is roaming and when he returns – a complete Roamer Experience Management candidate. EU2014-A Sergio Odyssey is not really a tribute to Stanley Kubrick and Serio Leone. It looks at how Roamware EU2014 solutions can help an EU roamer Sergio’s experience in the year 2014 and beyond.

What I am most excited about is the big announcement we are going to make on Feb 25th, the first day of the show. It has something to do with with making global roamer simpler, seamless and cost effective for subscribers while strengthening operators. Watch this space for more on how Roamware can help operators improve the lives of Silent Switcher Sue, Roamer Joe and Sergio the EU2014 Guy, and of course for the BIG Launch

Drop in to 6E64 and catch the action

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