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MWC Diaries: The new Monster Movie – Silent Switcher vs.Silent Roamer

Silent Switchers are more dangerous for operators than silent roamers. Consider a day in the roaming life of Sue. Sue lands in Barcelona for MWC and latches on to a network. She needs voice, sms and data working. She needs to be told of rate plans and such immediately with simple steps to choose one. She makes a couple of calls to her family back home or to her colleagues.

If Sue’s experience is not up to the mark, do you think she is going to call customer care? Think Again. No. Sue is just going to find the next best alternative – another network to latch on to or an OTT option. Sue’s home operator and their operator partners in Barcelona lose revenue and credibility. Here is what it looks like.

What Sue’s home operator needs is a holistic look at Sue’s roamer experience. Roamware’s R-Quality suite on display at our booth shows you how you can use a combination of Real-time monitoring, Active Testing and Handset monitoring to design Sue’s experience, test it and monitor it in real time.

Ok. Hint 2 at our big launch on Monday. It is going to make Sue’s life simple once she lands in Barcelona and her pocket lighter from a smaller roaming bill and her home operator happy. A kind of win-win for all.

Check out booth 6E64 for the action

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